Kool Sponge's Title Card Series Wiki!

Hello, This is the Kool Sponge Title Card Series Official Wiki page, this wiki took me hours to make but now that its made it will be updated very regularly with lots of annoucements. Kool Sponge Click on his name and go subscribe to his channel for his awesome series he also has a discord for his title card series if you very much wanna be apart of it!

No im not stupid i did set the link to not expire lool. Now i created this wiki and will continue to grow this wiki also i am a Season 4 co-executive producer Caelan Blair you will recongnize me if you go on and look at the Season 2 Episode list. But here how to get around the wiki quickly.

if you wanna get to the episode go to the series catalogue. if you wanna see or download all his title cards go to all title cards. all this wiki's stuff is in the important articles section so go there and you should beable to find everything very well. This will be updated very heavily.

Important articles Edit

<Series Catalog> <Series Air Dates and Viewership> <All Title Cards>

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